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Sanofi US Educational Grants

Sanofi US is committed to funding high quality educational activities and materials in the therapeutic areas of interest to the company that have the potential to improve patient care and health outcomes.

The purpose of an educational grant is to support an activity that encourages an educational interchange with respect to available scientific and medical information. Educational activities may or may not be accredited.

* * * Educational grants previously submitted to are now available within this portal, however ALL users MUST register in this new portal to create a USER ID and Password to access previously submitted educational grant requests. Please register, then contact Customer Support to associate your NEW User ID and password with any previously submitted grants.

In order to provide ease of registration and application, a Practical Working Guide (lower left hand corner of this page) is available to assist with registration and subsequent navigation of the educational grant submission process. Questions or concerns regarding the portal can be directed to 1-866-841-4549 or via email to .

Important to Note:
  • Educational grant requests must be submitted at least 12-16 weeks in advance of the request for notification date. Please utilize the notification date to ensure your grant is reviewed within the timeframe necessary for you to be able to disclose funding in a compliant fashion. The production start date is the date activity development begins, which will differ from the launch date.
  • Review and processing time will take approximately 6-8 weeks. Complete, accurate and detailed information is required to avoid delays. Applications with insufficient information may require additional processing time.
  • Please refer to the FAQ Section of this website for Eligibility requirements, General Educational Request information, and the Fellowship Application Process prior to your educational grant request.
  • This website is currently accepting educational grant requests on behalf of the Sanofi and Regeneron Alliance in the therapeutic areas of Cardiovascular and Immunology.
  • The Sanofi-Lexicon Pharmaceuticals Alliance is currently accepting educational grant submissions in the therapeutic area of Diabetes, specific to the Area of Interest:Type 1 DM: New and emerging therapeutic strategies for adults, with program start dates beginning on or about January 2019.
Please take note of the following items:
  • Sanofi US is currently accepting educational grant applications in the therapeutic area of Cardiovascular disease specific to the Area of Interest:Diagnosis/Pharmacotherapeutic Management of Atrial Fibrillation beginning on or about June 2019.
  • Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are periodically placed on the Alliance for Continued Education in the Health Professions (ACEHP) website.
  • A Request for Proposals (RFP) in the Therapeutic Area of: Diabetes, Area of Interest: Complementary insulin combinations to achieve HbA1c targets, titled Diabetes RFP 2018 Clinical Inertia 1 is currently available on
  • Sanofi US is no longer accepting educational grant applications in the therapeutic area of Oncology, specific to the Area of Interest: HSCT - stem cell mobilization and collection during autologous HSCT and Chemo - Tumor Lysis Syndrome-Prophylaxis and Treatment.
  • Sanofi US is no longer accepting educational grant applications in the therapeutic area of Renal and Osteoarthritis.

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